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Cash payouts for ALL teams, from First to Last Place!

No annual membership fees, ever!

Electronic, Live Scoring from the power of your mobile device!

Get paid for snaps (make 8, 9 or 10 ball off the break), break & outs, and more.

No more staying out late! 3 players on your team play (have up to 6 on roster). Normally finishes in 2 to 3 hours.

Get a local and national ranking! Proven anti-sandbagging system!


What is so different about NAPA?

Laggers Choice - Pick Your Poison!!! The winner of the lag has the option of picking the format (8, 9, or 10 ball) or owning the break!

For a written description of how points are calculated, click here >> NAPA Laggers Choice Scoresheet. Match Points and Bonus Points are all covered on this scoresheet.

Scotch Doubles Double Play - 1 Team, 1 Night, 2 Divisions—8 ball and 9 ball

For a written description of how points are calculated, click NAPA SD Scoresheet.

Scoring system - No more counting innings! No more interrupting safety shots! No counting balls! Just keep track of wins and have fun!

Handicaps - No team limit on handicaps! No more running up innings to manipulate handicaps! No hidden formulas! Play to Win!

Player Statistics - Best player statistics bar none and all from your mobile device! Click on Players Stats to see for yourself.

No Slop - "Call your pocket" league! No more slop shots.

Other Cash Payouts - Get paid for Break-n-Outs, Snaps, MVP's, and Shutouts.


What is the NAPA Pool League?

North American Poolshooters Association is the hottest new league in town! Pool players of all levels are enjoying the fun, competitive atmosphere that sets us apart.

Whether you are brand new to pool leagues or a seasoned veteran of league play, you will find our scoring system is the easiest around, the handicap system cannot be beat and our player statistics and recognition are unmatched.


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